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Music video Fiona performing " im gonna build a house "

Fiona and her band from the sunshine coast were unbelievable in the
profilm studios.
the band arrived at 6pm on a midweek night and we shot this video in a couple of hours.
We already set up the backdrop and backdrop lights , set up the 3 pro cameras and lighting to a rough set ready for tweaking.
Michelle and Diana operated a camera each.
This is now my new favourite music track and it’s really doing well up against Taylor Swift in the charts.

 Talented 10/10

Music Video Taylah performing " Outsider"

Taylah based on the sunshine coast is a great up and coming musician and songwriter.
This particular song is my favourite, we shot this video in one day in the studio and in the field, or garden as it were. keep an eye on this young lady she is going places for sure,

Talented 10/10 

Music Video Ella

This music video with Ella was filmed in one day at 2 locations. 
a studio a Nightclub in Brisbane.
a long hard day where everyone pitched in including Ellas sister and Mum and Dad.
I supplied Ella with a creative director but Ella was in total control as director.

Talented 10/10

Band Promo "now i know"

Great song, we filmed this and another 5 songs as a band promotional video set for this great group of musos, 
total time a long hard day.

Included setting up the studio, lighting, audio, 3 x cameras , motional track

Talented 10/10

Music video with Mao "smoke some"

Mao  – what a chaaracter lives life to the fiull a great personality who sees the good in everything, and you can see he is very talented.
We shot this in a few hours more run and gun.

Talented 10/10

Music video with Mao "The man in me"

This has got to be one of my all time favourite tracks,, the lyrics are so good it just makes me want to listen again and again, 
Hooks in the lyrics.

We shot this in a few hours Brisbane CBD

Talented 10/10

Music video Lance friend "Ned Kelly Said"

A long weekend in the country of Queensland filmed at Helltown Hotrods and a cafe down the road with a crazy bunch of Ned Kelly guys all the same but different

the best time i have had ever, 

Lance and his friends were true professionals to work with and credit goes to Spokes wheeler who was also on camera and made the edits and colour correction.
Lance has converted me to country music.. Good on ya!

Talented 10/10

music video steadicam

Navigating around one of the scenes of Ned Kelly Said using the steadicam for 80% of this shoot because it brings motion but also allows you to just keep working.
When you look at a lot of productions such as films like Run all night with Liam Nielson they are almost all made using the steadicam for the motion, action and obviously for the cost savings of getting so much work completed for budget costs, i learnt this from one of the best steadicam operators out there while woking a music video with him.

Music video filmed Run and Gun, off the cuff with little scripting, no rehearsals and only a couple of hours in a Gym.

This music video was at the bottom end of budget as it were.

so imagine what you can do for a 
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