How much is a music video shoot

how much is a music video shoot , this is the most common question asked.
but it really has no answer except for what is your budget?.
The real questions should be can i afford your prices as shown below?
How much can we realistically get done in one day?
With your experience how else can you help me to get the most out of a music video production?
What are the post production costs going to be ?

music video production

  • How much is a Music video?

    how long is a piece of string?. that is the question . some exceptionally good music videos are produced for under a couple of thousand dollars and other music videos of questionable quality and production cost in excess of a million dollars. what you should ask is how much of a music video can i get for my budget of $$$.

  • Is there a difference between a music video and a band promo?

    yes absolutely there is a big difference and it depends upon different factors. sometimes we are asked to shoot a band promo whilst the band is at a Gig or concert in a packed location with limited access, limited freedom to move health and safety issues , bad lighting without the ability to improve the lighting and not enough room to swing a cat let alone swing the boom of a crane over the heads of an audience and we always have to know theres always one in the crowd, you know who i mean,,, So the difference is shooting a band promo in the studio in a controlled environment has many benefits that make the promo 10 times better

  • Music video production comparison

    Average Joe & Ben

    circa 3 or 4 years experience
    $800 / day
    • Experience + 15 years
    • Professional Camera
    • Multiple pro cameras
    • Professional studio
    • professional drone
    • Video vision switcher
    • Car rigs auto shots
    • professional dolly and track
    • professional camera crane
    • Professional steadicam
    • Experienced steadicam operator
    • advanced professional lighting
    • Professional remote control head gimbal

    MediaFX & Profilm

    + 15 years experience
    $800 / day
    • Experience + 15 years
    • Professional cameras
    • Multiple pro cameras
    • Professional studio
    • Professional drone
    • Video Vision switcher
    • Car Rigs auto shots
    • professional dolly and track
    • professional camera crane
    • Professional steadicam
    • Experienced steadicam operator
    • advanced professional lighting
    • Professional Remote control head Gimbal

    music video sample prices

    The video below low key was shot in the profilm studio and like the high key rock band video was filmed in a part day with cutaways,
    Fiona’s music video low key 
    ” Gonna build a house ” is going from strength to strength within the top 10 on Itunes up against Taylor swift.

    I set up the studio’s black backdrop with lights and covered the floor with the available black cloth, i had the back lights roughly set prior to the bands arrival as we need seperation from black background when performers also wear black, we used 3 pro Ursa cameras shot at 4K with one camera on tracks for motion, 2 loveley ladies Michelle and Diana operated a camera each.
    Total cost for studio, and video $800

    Studio music video cost

    Cost :
    Music video in the studio

    Full day pro studio hire
    Backdrops low key high key and colour choice
    Pro Camera(s)
    Pro Lighting
    tracking, motion
    Camera operator/Creative Director

    Total $800

    camera crane

    Mediafx Jeff Steadicam on music video location

    music video steadicam

    Cost: Music video on Location day rate

    Camera Operator/Creative Director
    Professional Camera(s)
    Professional Lighting
    Tracking, Motion
    steadicam, Jibs

    $900 plus expenses

    Jeff working in Bollywood

    music video india

    How much is a music video shoot comparisons

    Why would you choose MediaFX and Profilm to shoot your band promo or music video? 
    and again how much is a music video shoot
    well look at the comparison chart below to see the value for money and experience you get and not just the experience working in Feature Film Television and Music Videos but the experience of life.
    Jeff at Profilm Gigged as a professional musician  in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a Guitarist for various bands playing covers from Thin Lizzy  Dire straits  to Santana and played Rythm with a  Reggae band.

    While helping a friend take a V6 engine out of his old Ford Jeff had his hand crushed and lost the use of one of his fingers and that was the end of an era, Not everyone can play like Django Rheinhardt.

    We put this Comparison chart together because sometimes you just need to come straight out with it. Ive seen so many Musicians waste money and i know a lot of musicians are stuck in a bubble especially when it comes to how  much it costs to produce music videos.

    halfway through the video shoot they are doing they contact me and ask if they can hire the camera crane or how much is it to run the steadicam for half a day and i say it costs $800, so in effect they are paying twice as much as they need to be.
    That makes a statement to me that they are not very serious about there music , it’s a come se’ come sa’ attitude..

    take a look at the music video comparison chart and then look at my page on What makes a good video production.