What makes a good music video production

what makes a good music video production

So – what makes a good music video production?

camera operator

If your a Musician performer and looking to make your own music video here’s some tips to help.

It is not always what makes a good music video so much as it is what doesn’t make a good music video?.

As an ex musician and with respect there’s a lot of people (performers) who make music videos very Blase’.
and then the performer who goes completely overboard.


Tips for making music videos

What makes a good music video?.


everything you do should always have this

( Preparation )
 be prepared with the 5 P’s  – piss poor planning = poxy performance



music video budget

 Don’t blow the budget. this should be part of your preparation.


music video script

Now you have a budget you can write the script,, Its no good writing a script that contains a private Jet and  two Lamborgini’s with a low budget.
You have an idea and it contains scenes, then others involved will need to see a script, its no good just sitting down to explain what you want to achieve, you should have a hard copy script in the hands of people and sit down and go through it.. Or simply find and use Telepathic people who can read minds.
(this has always  been an achilles heel to most people). You need to get your vision into the heads of everybody involved.


Script Updates

Update the script as and when its needed, it is the writers perogative to make changes, but don’t make changes an hour before the shoot.
you may change Locations, cast and crew
back to Preparation..


If you scout a location and think yes this is a great spot, make sure to note the time of day you are at the location,
Locations change with Light, 
Example –  you can shoot in open sun on the beach at surfers paradise in the morning but by 3pm its in almost darkness due to big ugly tall buildings on the street opposite the beach. as the sun sets inland.

music video surfers paradise

If your shooting in unfamiliar locations you will need to remember a couple of key points.
First is safety
second is permission or permit,
3rd is there a realistic access.
with the access we had a music video where the writer wanted an 8 metre camera crane on the rooftop of a building, although possible it can take some time taking the parts up and setting up from scratch and then taking it apart to take down.
If budget allows this would be no problem.


weather and music videos

Allow time for bad weather this affects continuity if shooting over a few days outside in the open.


wardrobe department

plan what to wear and try things on to make sure they fit well in advance.


make up artist

The majority of people look better on film wearing makeup, that’s guys also..


music video director

Music video Director or Creative Director

If your music video involves any scenes that require acting performance etc then a Creative director would be a bonus for the shoot.
Should you be the main performer or one of them in the music video then it will be difficult for you to direct the video whilst you really should be concentrating on your own performance,, and if your paying the bills do you think anybody will tell you your performance was rubbish.
 a Creative director would say lets go for another take, nicely put he/she is saying that was a rubbish performance, better them than an audience.

NO-10 Editing and Colour Grade

This comes under preparation, If you haven’t decided on a colour grade then it could cost a lot more money when it comes to post production.
Without a script the edit is the same as the length of a piece of string.
Once the edit is done it would probably definitely need a colour grade and if you decide to change your mind every time you see a grade then it could cost a lot more money.


music video promotion

The Preparation should have taken care of this within the budget and ideas departments.
a very wealthy Marketing 
Guru gave me some advice once when launching a product or service, 
He said imagine the product is an aeroplane on the runway of an airfield, you have to take off with almost full throttle but once your airborne you can ease off and pull back a bit let it glide and add some power now and then.


My pet hate is playback during a music video where the producer or the performer supplies playback music.
Do NOT supply playback music with a different version of the one to be filmed.
Do NOT supply music on Iphone or Smart phone with a Bluetooth to a silly speaker,
You will be charged more money if it is impossible to find a spike and Sync the music track to the video performance.
The harder and longer you make someone work the more they will charge you.